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Florida Keys Brewing Co. Beer Garden Party 2021 - 2022

We host all types of parties. Wedding welcome gatherings, rehearsal dinners,
weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate events and yes, lots of baby showers!

At FKBC we are always up to hosting a good party, of any kind! We do however try to limit the number of private parties to only 2 a month because, we love our locals and we hate having to turn them away. Our Beer Garden is unique because every plant either puts off a flower year-round or produces fruit. Such as our 70 year old Hong Kong Orchid Tree, 80 year old Jatropha tree, bananas, hibiscus, plumeria and mangos. They are all spectacular! The Beer Garden is neatly manicured with sand and stepping stone path ways.  It’s a gem in the heart of Islamorada.

Taste The Love

Florida Keys Brewing Co. Beer Garden Party

Drinks: We offer 20 locally brewed beers on draft, wine, champagne, ciders, meads, sangria, High Noon flavored vodka soda, craft cocktails, nonalcoholic beer, juice and soda. We do not permit any outside hard liquor on our property. We offer a very extensive menu for everyone in your party.

Food: All parties are welcome to order delivery, bring in party platters or a private caterer. Also, we have a full time Taco Truck on property and the food is amazing.

Pricing Information

We have broken our pricing into 4 tiers, and we hope one of them fits your needs.

  • Semi-Private Small Party – This is for parties that want to be guaranteed a little more space. 20-30 ppl We will reserve the whole back deck and 4 large picnic tables for you and your guest. Also, we will supply you with up to three 6ft tables if needed. There will be plenty of room to set up your buffet and a gift table. Although there will be other people in the Beer Garden, they will not be intruding on your party space.
    $300 High Season Rates (February-March) $500 Site Fee
  • Semi-Private Large Party – This includes the back deck with 4 large picnic tables and the back half of the Beer Garden. A total of 9 tables and space for a buffet table as well. This will accommodate up to 60 guest and is basically half of the Beer Garden. $600 High Season Rates (February-March) $800

Pricing Continued

  • Private Beer Garden Party - 80 people or more. This is for a special event and the entire Beer Garden will be yours for up to 6 hours. You can decorate it however you like, hire a DJ or Band, bring in a private caterer and we can accommodate up to 160 of your friends. Also, we will open a private bar and bathroom for your party. The Beer Garden will also be looking it’s best for your event because, in the morning we will have it raked and tided up. Normal rental hours are 5-11pm.
    $1500 site fee + $1000 guaranteed bar tab. High Season Rates (February-March) $2000 site fee
    + $1000 guaranteed bar tab
  • Rent the whole tasting room & bar! – This is for the ultimate party! Yes, you can rent everything for 7 hours. (4-11pm) Inside and outside bars with bartenders, 2 bathrooms, stage for a band or DJ, back deck for caterers, 4 tv’s to play your favorite DVD, and everyone in your party will leave with a FKBC souvenir glass. Decorate the entire place however you would like. Up to 250 ppl
    $3000 site fee + $2000 guaranteed bar tab *some exclusions may apply with dates


Check out these local sources for food and entertainment for your private event!

Caterer Recommendations:

Taco Jalisco (On site Taco truck) Tamari Ruiz (305) 393-3018
Chef Drew
Caribbean Catering
Chef Wes
Green Turtle
Mangrove Mike’s
MEAT Eatery
A Moveable Feast
Lonestar BBQ 713.416.4112

Music Recommendations:

Leah Sutter 305-393-1254
Micah 305-747-4714
Koty James & the Keybillies 305-587-8401
Dave Feder 305-394-2765

Also, a fun fact. Above the tasting room is a vacation rental. Yes, you can stay at the brewery!
It’s listed on Airbnb as Flakey’s B&B in Islamorada. Flakey’s short for Florida Keys and B&B for beer & bed, we will not be serving you breakfast, lol. It’s beautiful and worth checking out.

7 night min stay, $228 a night on average

Or visit for more info on the Airbnb.

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